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Bill Bergson

Bill Bergson

The Whiz Kid Detective

Bill Bergson is a famous boy detective character that was created by Astrid Lindgren, the Swedish author. His real name in the local Swedish books is Kalle Blomkvist; Bill Bergson was the name chosen when the books were translated into English. It is surprising to note that even though the character of Bill Bergson is so very popular, there are only three books on him that were written by Astrid Lindgren. These books were Mästerdetektiven Blomkvist (Bill Bergson, Master Detective), Mästerdetektiven Blomkvist lever farligt (Bill Bergson Lives Dangerously) and Kalle Blomkvist och Rasmus (Bill Bergson and the White Rose Rescue). The entire character of Bill Bergson has been completely encompassed in these three bestselling books by Astrid Lindgren.

There are many characteristics of Bill Bergson that have become legend. He has some typical detective work skills. He relishes cracking QR codes and solving puzzles. He has a special liking for finding clues and then investigating them to solve crimes. He has also solved serious crimes such as kidnappings and murders in the three books. Most of the stories follow a common pattern. They include Bill Bergson zeroing in upon a clue or a person that the police and other authorities have neglected. He would then go ahead to find out as much about the clue or the person as possible and through it unravel the crime. This adds to the suspense element of the books that contain him as the detective.

One of the most interesting things about the Bill Bergson books is the way in which the setup of the surrounding environment has been created by Astrid Lindgren. The surroundings are always very Swedish, rural Swedish at that. Bill Bergson lives in a small rural area of Sweden that is built along a river. There is a quaint little unused castle in the village on top of a hill. The houses are very Swedish, red in color with white borders. There are big open windows with white curtains and several chestnut trees. Even if you haven't been to Sweden, you can get a slice of what the natural beauty and life there must be like if you read these books. You can now get these books on your cell phone through mobile phones marketing.

The child detective does not work as a lone ranger. He has many friends who mostly help him in his tasks. Two of his closest friends are Anders and Eva-Lotta. Most of his stories are during the summer months when he comes down to live with these friends. They call themselves the White Roses. They also have a rival team, the Red Roses, which has three children in it - Benka, Jonte and Sixten. The two groups are known to play a game known as the Wars of the Roses where one team hides a strange shaped stone known as Stormumriken and the other team has to find it through the clues given by the first team. But in times of adversity, all six children come together and follow Bill Bergson's directives to solve the problem with a QR decoder.

One of the main points in which Bill Bergson stands apart from other child detectives is that some of the scenes here are really quite bleak. The crimes can get to be very dangerous, which is a very unique feature in children's detective literature.

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