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The Six Bullerby Children / The Children Of Noisy Village

The Children of Noisy Village

The Lovely Stories about Children's Life in the Little Village

The Six Bullerby Children is one of the most famous works of the Swedish author, Astrid Lindgren, so famous in fact that it was given a whole new name and adapted to an American milieu also. Its American name was The Children of Noisy Village. The European setting was kept intact, but the story was adapted to suit western children a tad bit better. Today the stories are two decades old and they do seem a bit archaic, but they have lost none of their appeal. They still have the simple flow that children all over the world like and enjoy so much and they are not too long. They make really perfect companions for storytelling sessions for kids over a campfire.

This series of books are about six children that are living in a Swedish village known as Bullerby. The village is essentially quiet; it is these kids that make the village 'noisy' as the series' American name suggests. The whole of Bullerby is divided into three farms, simply known as the North Farm, the Middle Farm and the South Farm. In the middle farm live three of the children - the nine years old Lars, the eight years old Pip and the seven years old Lisa. They are all siblings and have a lot of adventures together. However, the boys tend to keep Lisa alone because they like to play Indians and do not think that Lisa would be suitable for the game which they consider to be too sporty.

The other three children live on the other two farms. An eight year old boy named Olaf or Ollie is the friend of the boys Lars and Pip and is often included in their games. He lives on the South Farm. In the North Farm live two sisters named Britta and Anna, aged nine and seven, both of whom Lisa loves equally.

The stories are told from the point of view of Lisa, so they tend to have a certain amount of feminist touch with the boys being shown sometimes as ruffians. But, being what her literature is, this has been done in a very appealing manner. The greater focus is on the experiences that the six kids have together and the great amount of fun that they have on the three farms, mostly on the Middle Farm. Together, the six kids definitely make Bullerby village quite noisy! The Bullerby village has been depicted to be a very small village and there are no other children in the village except these six. But when you read the books, you will very well understand that these kids are certainly quite a handful.

Astrid Lindgren wrote various books describing the adventures of the six Bullerby children. Some of the more popular of these titles were The Six Bullerby Children, All about the Bullerby Children, Cherry Time at Bullerby and springtime at Bullerby. For the American audience, different titles were used. Some of the Bullerby children books that became famous in the US were The Children of Noisy Village, The Children on Troublemaker Street and Christmas in Noisy Village.

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