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The Little Mischievous Girl Everyone Likes

Astrid Lindgren is known to infuse all her characters with amazing joie de vivre and that is what makes her characters so very special. Each of her characters has a very different personality; they are somewhat on the unruly, wild side, but they are much adorable nonetheless. Such is the case with Lotta Marten too, one of her youngest characters. In fact, Lotta is one of the only of her continuing characters that Astrid Lindgren has charted since her birth.

Lotta was born in the Marten family, a family that lived in a little yellow house in rural Sweden. She was born into a family that already had two kids - Jonas and Maria. Of the three siblings, Jonas was the oldest, followed by Maria and then Lotta. The kids were known to get into a lot mischief that would often drive their father wild. This was the premise of most of the Lotta stories. Jonas, the most mischievous was called by their father as Big Noise and Maria was often called as Little Noise. And when Lotta came along in the household, she was given the title of Little Nut. In most of the books, this is how her father often calls her, sometimes admonishingly but also sometimes lovingly.

The character of Mrs. Marten, the children's mother is especially important to the books. She is the buffer between Lotta and the other kids and their father. She is the one that always calls the three children by their real names and not nicknames given to them in disdain as their father often does. The scenes that involve Lotta and even her siblings with their mother are particularly endearing.

The characterization of Lotta Marten is mostly how a three-year old girl should be. She is a bit precocious, a bit naughty but very inquisitive. She has questions galore, about everything that she sees, and demands to know the answers outright. She is a bit apprehensive asking questions to her dad, but her mother is always obliging. Much of the humor is derived from the innocent but annoying questions that she asks of her mother, sometimes with Jonas and Maria for company.

Astrid Lindgren has written Lotta's stories for a very young reader. Though most of her stories are meant for children, Lotta is for the youngest possible reader. For that reason, the stories are quite charming, feel-good and with a slight moral in the end. However, critics have felt that Lotta's escapades have universal appeal; there have been adults who have read the Lotta books with relish and have finished them with a tear in the eye and a lump in the throat, because of their excessive cuteness.

From 1969 to 1982, Astrid Lindgren wrote several Lotta books. Some of the more popular ones were Lotta, Lotta Leaves Home, The Mischeivous Martens, Lotta's Bike, Lotta's Surprise, Lotta's Easter Surprise, Lotta's Christmas Surprise and Lotta on Troublemaker Street. Each of these books has entered the legion of unforgettable child fiction and the whole collection is often bought by parents as a gift to their children.

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