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Mio, My Mio

Mio, My Mio

Astrid Lindgren's High Fantasy For Children

Mio, My Mio belongs to the hallowed collection of prize-winning literary work from the Swedish children's author, Astrid Lindgren. Most Swedish children have read the book, which is also extremely famous in other parts of Europe. In fact, the book has also become popular in America, where it was rechristened as Mio, My Son. This book is considered to be the first extreme fantasy written by Astrid Lindgren. The book The Brothers Lionheart written by her after this one is supposed to be a follow-up in this genre of young adult fantasy literature.

The reason why the story has become so very popular is because it is full of the elements that children from all over the world would love to read. There is the initial troubled situation for the main child character, then the happy situations and again difficulties from which the child hero gains victory. It is this topsy-turvy flow of the story that is considered to be the most interesting.

Bosse is the hero of the tale. He lives with his foster parents who have a dislike for children in general. However, one day, he stumbles upon a genie who takes him to a distant world. It is here that he understands he is actually a king's son and that his name is Mio. He gets his own horse here and a good friend in the person of Jum-Jum. The royal pleasures do not last long though. He is soon dispatched to fight an evil warrior whose name is Kato. With only Jum-Jum and his loyal steed, Mio sets off to vanquish Kato.

The story becomes more interesting when it is revealed that Kato has kidnapped several kids so that the odds may be tipped in his favor. Now, Mio's job becomes doubly difficult. He has to free the children without any harm befalling them and stop Kato from his evil plans permanently.

The story is essentially a children's tale and it works at various levels to earn its bestseller status. One of the most important ingredients in this tale is the very strong friendship that exists between Mio and Jum-Jum and the loyalty that is shown even by the horse that Mio rides. There are certainly some lessons on friendship to be learnt here. Some of the moments between the two lads are surcharged with emotion too, which the mastery of Astrid Lindgren has captured quite well.

But the story is essentially a fantasy tale and so bravery is an important element here. There is nothing that the boys fear in the story; there is nothing that they do not accomplish. At the same time, resourcefulness becomes extremely important too. The boys work their way around several situations using nothing else but their brains. This is something that every child will at least try to emulate when they read Mio, My Mio.

With all essential ingredients, it is only quite understandable why the story has become such a hit among children all over the world. The vivid descriptions make the book really come out alive.

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